Raw Microdose Capsules (Phantasia)


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100mg/Cap = 30caps, 3000mg Total

200mg/Cap = 30caps, 6000mg Total

500mg/Cap = 15caps, 7500mg Total

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Order Raw Microdose Capsules Online

Order Raw Microdose Capsules Online! Our Raw Microdose Capsules (Phantasia) contains the following Ingredients:  A blend of 3 psilocybin mushrooms: Penis Envy’s, Golden Teachers, Africans Cubensis.

What an exiting combination of just the best strains you can ever have! Go ahead and place your for maximum results, then thank me latter!


100mg/Cap=30caps, 3000mg Total, 200mg/Cap=30caps, 6000mg Total, 500mg/Cap=15caps, 7500mg Total


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