African Transkei Mushrooms (Live Psilocybin)


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Buy African Transkei Mushrooms Online! The high from the African Transkei is something out of this world. While not regarded as the most spiritually enlightening mushroom, the visuals produced from this strain constitute an absolute firework show: a stunning combination of tracers, lights, and geometric patterns, moving and building on one another in a mesmerizing choreography, it truly has to be experienced to be appreciated. It is one of the most visually evocative highs you are ever likely to experience.

NY Psilocybin Chocolate Bars African Transkei is becoming renowned for its slew of newfangled effects.  This product is sensation enhancing.  This unique quality can alter perception of the 5 senses, making it ideal for social interactions. African Transkei is not a shamanistic strain, but it will take all the body’s senses to a whole new level.


14g, OZ, QP, HP, LB


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